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M&M Fix Auto Stoke Join the MOONWALK™ Journey

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A Tribute to Our Colleague Simon Goodyer

The First MOONWALK™ in Ireland Installed at ARM Academy

PPG and Energica Motor Company: A Partnership in Sustainability

Combining values focused on sustainability and innovative thinking, PPG has entered a partnership with Energica Motor Company - the first and only manufacturer of high-performance electric motorcycles.

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D8080 UV-Cured Primer FAQs

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COVID-19 Pandemic will Increase the use of the Private Vehicle in Europe, will it also Increase Sales?

The Covid-19 pandemic is greatly affecting the whole world, and Europe, initially its epicenter, has seen how this has moved to other continents, even though the precautions and outbreaks continue.

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Autonomous Vehicles Will Only Avoid One Third of Accidents

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PPG Celebrates One Year of MOONWALK™

Electric Car Repair - 6 Things You Need to Know

Spainish car repair studies institute Centro Zaragoza provides six important electric car repair tips.

MOONWALK™: A Year of Innovation

MoonWalk features in the June issue of Bodyshop Magazine.

Welcome to the MoonLab

Chancey Hagerty, Vice President, Global Automotive Refinish, effective 1st March opens Stowmarket’s MoonLab during his first visit to the facility.

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PPG Refinish UK & Ireland install first post-trial MOONWALK™ at Warley Car Clinic

Warley Car Clinic become the first post trial MOONWALK™ owners!