Where can I find shelf life information about PPG products?

Most of our products have a four year shelf life but some products do vary. For individual shelf life information please call customer services on: 01449 771775

How do I access the latest colour formulations ?

If you would like to access the latest colour formations, please ensure that your PAINTMANAGER® software is updating via the colour update program, ensuring that you have this scheduling to update on a weekly basis. A new colour update is deployed to the PaintManager server on a monthly basis, so updating weekly will ensure you are able to collect the update soon after its deployment.  

If you would like to update PaintManager via Colour Update instead of CD, please contact our customer service team on 01449 771775 as this will require a registration before this can occur.

If you are unable to find your colour formula within PaintManager then you should turn to COLORMOBILE® here as this is updated more frequently.  


Is there a way I can find online training advice to show me how to use the products correctly?

We have recently launched a series of online repair process training videos which are designed to aid Bodyshop users and provide expert technical tips on how to use PPG products in the most effective way. 

Please click here for our full training video offer.

How can I book a training day at the PPG site?

You can book PPG training courses by calling our Customer Services Team on 01449 771775. For an overview of the PPG training offer please click here.