Artificial Intelligence in Order to Estimate Vehicle Damages in Less Than 3 Minutes

This is the future that several tech companies, specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI), are working on. The goal is to automatize the damage estimation process by introducing “learning” tools from Artificial Intelligence, in order to optimise each task, while providing accuracy and also saving time on damage estimation, an essential part of accident management.

How does AI work on damage estimation? Let’s explain.

These AI technologies function by analysing the vehicle’s damages by means of photographs sent through a web application.

The objective: providing a simple, transparent and efficient way to manage accidents digitally, without making the client travel and activating the damage compensation quickly. According to some market operators, in less than 3 minutes.

These new AI damage management services are developed by using millions of photographs of damages, incorporating to its “knowledge” millions of technicians’ decisions. With all this information, algorithms learn from the experience registered in millions of accidents. This way, Artificial Intelligence completes in a short period of time and often without further reviewing, the tasks usually performed by a technician.

Using AI is like having a technician that has seen millions of vehicles and can complete an estimation in a few seconds. An expert that never gets tired. In the meantime, real technicians can focus on those relevant parts of the damage estimation that have been highlighted by the AI, without having to perform 100% of the estimation. AI carries out all those repetitive, simple, unnecessary tasks, so that experts can focus on working on the most complex cases.

"AI carries out all those repetitive, simple, unnecessary tasks, so that experts can focus on working on the most complex cases".

Regarding shops/garages, a correctly prepared AI allows for reducing the back and forth between the shop and the insurance company in relation to agreeing on the different repair operations that must be performed. Thanks to the automatic approval, the garage/shop can go ahead and start with them. At the same time, insurance companies claim that 100% of these operations are carried out meeting the highest standards.

A well trained AI can process photographs of automobile damages, quickly predict the cost of repairs and speed up the insurers’ decision making. In a nutshell, it helps the sector to make better and faster decisions.