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Invest in training - strengthen knowledge and skills individually. PPG also offers you a comprehensive range of trainings in 2024. Choose from various training courses dedicated to the topics of efficiency, safety, optimisation, perfection, profitability and prospects. Find out more about our comprehensive range of training courses below and simply register online!

A       TRAINING - Basics of Refinish

A1 Non Painter awareness - Basics of Refinish
A2 Introduction to Refinish Level1 - Following PPG Process Manual
A3 Introduction to Refinish Level2 - Following PPG Process Manual
A4 Introduction to Refinish Level3 - Following PPG Process Manual


B       TRAINING – Advanced Car Painting

B1 Three-coat, multi-coat and matt finishes - Specialist colour application and mixing processes
B2 Sustainable Low Energy Repairs - Product and process awareness
B3 Digital Colour Finding - Mixing room process
B4 SMART Repair - Keeping repairs small and profitable

B5 Bodyline - Sundries range training


Insight into our practical training centre