Bodyshop Performance


As in most situations in all industries, Bodyshops are not all the same and therefore no one answer fits all. This is due to different layouts, equipment levels, work mix, relative skill levels, product systems, work processes and many other factors.  Therefore to aid the performance of any Bodyshop Business, PPG is able to deliver tailor made solutions through effective on site technical support to make sure the bodyshop maximises the PPG product & colour tool offer through it's processes and application methods.  

PPG's team of technical representatives work closely with both PPG group and individual site bodyshop customers from senior management through to shop floor technicians, developing their business by focusing on all the processes through the bodyshop to deliver "right first time" results in the most efficient manner.

PPG's approach to improve bodyshop performance concentrates on both efficiency & profitability. This means identifying the correct products & processes to increase through-put for increased sales and also, to reduce cost per job for increased profitability. Focus on these aspects also delivers overall reduced cycle times meaning a better vehicle owner experience and reduced energy costs through the use of equipment in the most efficient way.

All PPG products are developed with the full bodyshop paint process in mind. They are designed to speed up the painting process and to compliment each other as part of a system whilst delivering the highest quality of finish. In addition, the skills of a bodyshop's paintshop staff can make a real difference to profitability and that is where PPG's bodyshop training offer comes in.

All of the above supports the PPG widely held view held that supporting and improving bodyshop performance is absolutely key of what PPG can offer it's customers. 

To find out more about how PPG can support your bodyshop performance contact us 01449 771775 or email