Family Run Brocksford Motors Ltd Takes Next Step With MOONWALK™

Mark and Sarah Beech, Directors of Brocksford Motors Ltd with their recently installed MoonWalk

Mark and Sarah Beech, Directors of Brocksford Motors Ltd with their recently installed MoonWalk

We are pleased to announce that Brocksford Motors Ltd have strengthened their partnership with PPG by investing in MOONWALK™, the latest innovation in paint mixing technology.  

The Stoke-on-Trent based bodyshop has grown with PPG over many years and continues to do so with the introduction of MoonWalk to Brocksford Motors’ evolving business. Sarah Beech, Director of Brocksford Motors commented, “We have enjoyed a strong business relationship with PPG for a number of years. PPG understand the needs of our evolving family run business and have been working alongside us as the generations within our business have altered”.

MoonWalk not only increases a bodyshop’s productivity but also promotes a futuristic, technology based working environment for bodyshops, perfect for attracting new talent into the industry. Sarah explained, “The technology has developed and has captured the support of that next generation of the family to invest in it. The aesthetic presentation of MoonWalk compliments the other cutting edge equipment we already use on site within other areas of our business”.

MoonWalk’s semi-automated mixing technology has impressed hundreds of customers across Europe in just over a year with its colour accuracy capabilities, material saving potential and deskilling opportunities. These benefits are something that Brocksford Motors have identified as key factors for their investment. Sarah continued “.  It is hoped that MoonWalk will improve the profit/loss margin whilst not compromising on standards. By investing in the MoonWalk technology it shows Brocksford Motors’ commitment to continually strive for excellence”.

We look forward to working with Brocksford Motors as their business evolves with MoonWalk.

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