B2 Sustainable Low Energy Repairs - Product and Processes Awareness

Aim of the Training

Product and Processes awareness. Following PPG branded Products and Processes to optimise booth time and save on energy. Hands on training to utilise PPG energy saving offer.

Contents of the Training

» Application, curing and sanding of PPG UV aerosol Primer
» Roll Primer Application and sanding process. Features and Benefits
» Batch priming wet on wet. Features and benefits
» Application of WB basecoat optimising OVM
» Application Air dry  / fast cure clearcoats



New and existing PPG customers looking to optimise Booth time and save energy


Target Group

Skilled workers who are active in the preparation and painting sector


Duration: 1 day
Location Dates

PPG Training Centre  Stowmarket, Suffolk

25th July

15th Oct

Training fee

For PPG partner companies:

1 day training: £200 excluding VAT.