DELFLEET ONE® - our groundbreaking new coating system for the commercial transport sector. Delfleet One combines intensive development in our laboratories, the use of a new patented technology, extensive field research and trials and PPG’s unique coating knowledge.

We have collected feedback from customers in all areas of commercial transport and asked you what you were looking for in a new coating system.

You asked for an easy solution that is Professional, Reliable and Efficient to achieve the best performance, support you with everyday challenges and help projecting your business ahead of the competition – and we listened.



Discover the premium quality of our new 2-Pack toner-binder system, developed with a full set of ancillaries to cover all kind of job types and conditions. Explore our latest-state-of-art colour tools, such as the RAPIDMATCHTM  spectrophotometer, designed for your colour identification needs.




Colour stability combined with the outstanding ease of application, consistency in quality of the final result as well as the proven reduction in the VOC emission, makes Delfleet One to the most reliable system today.


Delfleet One´s right first time results and unique speed of drying increase profitability for Builders and Repairers alike by increasing throughput; and for operators and fleet owners by ensuring vehicleas are on the road as quickly as possible.


Check out the Delfleet One High Performance Topcoat to achieve tangible results such as:





Customers are already experiencing fantastic results using the new Delfleet One


A full range now available for all of your Commercial Transport Coating needs!