PPG celebrates installation no. 2000 of the PPG LINQ™ Digital Ecosystem

We are pleased to announce installation no. 2000 of the PPG LINQ Digital Ecosystem at the Car Clinic Center in Viale Certosa in Milan, the first network of owned body shops in Italy with 53 owned Centers and 67 Partner Centres. Car Clinic and PPG share common objectives related to innovation and sustainability, which is why the installation of PPG LINQ proved to be a natural choice to allow Car Clinic to pursue service excellence while reducing the environmental impact of the Milan Center.

Launched almost a year ago, PPG LINQ sets a new standard for modern body shops. Based on hardware, software and digital services solutions, PPG LINQ revolutionizes current bodyshop processes by making them faster, repeatable and sustainable. Key components of the digital ecosystem are the advanced software for 3D color visualization PPG VISUALIZID™ and the digital color camera PPG DIGIMATCH™: used together in the color identification phase, they simplify the search for the correct color point, significantly reduce the use of test tags speeds up times and reduces product waste. All this entails bodywork operations that are decidedly more sustainable from an environmental point of view.

A third fundamental component of the ecosystem is MOONWALK®, the semi-automatic color mixing system. Strictly Made in Italy, MoonWalk is today used in more than 40 countries and over 1,600 repair centers and generates a total saving of 900,000 hours of work in the paint mixing phase: an important added value for body shop owners who have been able to invest elsewhere what is saved in terms of time and material. MoonWalk also contributes to responsible consumption and processing, significantly reducing VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions and limiting the impact that the paint mixing process has on the environment.

“Many modern body shops are turning to digital solutions to achieve their productivity, efficiency and sustainability goals,” said Jérôme Zamblera, PPG vice president, EMEA, Automotive Refinish. “Customers' intuition and feedback played an important role in the development of this system, so they can be confident that the PPG LINQ system will enable them to achieve these goals while making their body shop operations more productive.”

“We are pleased to be able to take advantage of such a complete platform as PPG LINQ for our Milan Center,” said Andrea Concina, Director of Car Clinic Operations. ”For us, technological innovation represents a distinctive driver for maintaining high quality and the level of service we offer to our customers. PPG's solution is not only cutting-edge, but allows us to contain the environmental impact of our body shop by reducing emissions and waste."