Introducing PPG Sustainability CO₂NCEPT

Unlocking Sustainable Profitability in the Refinish Industry with Efficient Processes, Digital Tools and Low-Energy Products

In today's rapidly evolving world, the refinish industry has a unique opportunity to embrace sustainability as a catalyst for profitability. By adopting the right processes, leveraging digital tools, embracing energy efficient products, and utilising comprehensive training and expert consulting, refinish businesses can not only reduce their environmental impact but also enhance their bottom line and foster a culture of continuous improvement. This advocates a shift that connects the power of sustainability to drive long-term profitability.

PPG recognises an opportunity to better partner with customers and support the demand for sustainable solutions that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. With this in mind, PPG has created Sustainability CONCEPT , a suite of products, processes, digital tools and consulting services designed to help bodyshops reduce energy, waste and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the automotive repair process.

The PPG Sustainability CONCEPT  utilises three core pillars to support repairers in achieving their sustainability goals and targets:

The first pillar emphasises the importance of energy efficient products. As environmental consciousness grows, bodyshops’ customers increasingly demand services and offers that minimise the impact to the environment. By offering and utilising sustainable refinishing products, such as PPG’s low-VOC paints, PPG’s waterborne basecoat ENVIROBASE® HP and market leading PPG air-dry technologies, refinish businesses can differentiate themselves in the market and attract environmentally conscious customers.

By optimising resource, reducing waste, and prioritising energy efficiency, refinish businesses can streamline operations and minimise their carbon footprint. Incorporating sustainable practices, such as efficient and automated paint mixing with PPG MOONWALK® and the sustainable processing of products through PPG’s low energy repair process, waste reduction strategies and responsible disposal methods aligns businesses with environmental objectives while maximising profitability.


The second pillar centres around harnessing the potential of digital tools. The adoption of cutting-edge technology with the PPG LINQ™ digital ecosystem. PPG LINQ has revolutionised the current refinishing process by incorporating state of the art hardware and software that delivers the most error free, energy efficient process in automotive refinish. By adopting MoonWalk’s automated colour mixing, PPG VISUALIZID™ digital colour matching solutions, PPG COLLISION SERVICES® Inventory for real-time inventory management and digital workflow solution ADVANCE®, refinish businesses can now optimise their operations, minimise downtime and make data-driven decisions. By leveraging these digital tools, businesses can significantly enhance productivity, reduce costs, and promote a sustainable approach that aligns with the evolving needs of customers and stakeholders. 


The final pillar focuses on a comprehensive suite of training and consulting services designed to promote energy-conscious behavior, reduce carbon emissions, and elevate environmental responsibility throughout the repair process and beyond. PPG’s training and energy audits equip teams with the knowledge and skills to minimise environmental impact, conserve energy and adopt sustainable practices within their day-to-day operations. The wholistic approach of our carbon emission consulting is the first step towards minimising the carbon footprint of the business operation beyond the repair process itself. The consulting includes the measurement of the current carbon emission, the identification of areas of improvement and the development of a customised action plan to help significantly reduce the environmental impact.

By embracing the synergy of efficient processes, digital tools, energy efficient products and trainings, refinish businesses can unlock sustainable profitability. PPG’s Sustainability CONCEPT offer highlights the potential for aligning economic success with environmental responsibility, driving growth and customer loyalty while contributing to a more sustainable future for the refinish industry and the planet.

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