D8080 UV-Cured Primer FAQs

D8080 UV-Cured Primer is a vital component to the paint process for busy bodyshops looking to increase throughput by saving time thorugh the primer process. Utilising UV technology can often be daunting to those new to the hardware, read the UV-Cured Primer's frequently asked questions below and get yourself more acquainted with the exciting world of UV-Cured processes. 



What gloves do I need to wear?

D8080 UV-Cured Primer does not require special gloves - Our BODYLINE® Nitrile Gloves or equivalent will be sufficient. Please ensure all other standard PPE is worn at all times.

How do I cover my face?

You should always use an air-fed mask. 

The Hedson instructions state 'do not use the lamp in the booth'?

The lamp is ATEX approved and can be used inside the booth, this is more of a warning to not leave the lamp in the booth on bake.

Can I leave the spare battery on charge?

Yes, the charger has a built-in cut off so the battery cannot be overcharged. 

Can I use the aerosol in the open shop?

As with all spraying applications, the primer should only be applied within the booth. If you choose to cure outside of the booth then as with any product, it should be in a well ventilated area.

How long do I need to shake the D8080 UV aerosol for?

The ball bearings in the can need to agitate the contents, shake for a full 2 minutes to ensure the primer is fully mixed before application.

How do I apply the UV-Cured Primer? 

Hold the aerosol approximately 6 inches away from the repair and apply in a continuous method, one coat on to another. 

How much build will I achieve? 

3-4 passes will give you 80-100 microns. 

How long do I need to cure the primer?

If you are using the Hedson Smartcure lamp with a fully charged battery, 3 coats of primer should cure in 40 seconds. This is depending on additional film build, battery power, size of the repair and the distance between the lamp and the panel. 

What eye protection should I use?

The UVex i-vo glasses supplied within the Hedson Smartcure kit are UV 400 rated safety glasses. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends UV protection up to 400 nm. 

Most industrial safety eye wear only complies with the industry standard, which prescribes protection up to 380 nanometres. The latest scientific findings show that this is not enough. Although it offers 100% protection against UVB rays, it only provides partial protection against equally dangerous UVA radiation.

Whereas the UVex i-vo glasses supplied within the Hedson smart cure kit are UV 400, they have been designed to provide 100% UV protection. 

For further information, please visit the UVex-Safety website. 

Do I still need to wipe the sticky layer away?

Yes. Although the new LED technology has reduced the stickiness, it will still need wiping with a good quality solvent pre-cleaner (D837). This is due to oxygen in the air preventing the primer from curing. 

What do I sand the primer with?

Apply powder guide coat, sand with P320 extracted block - P320/P500 extracted DA sander. 

How do I dispose of any masking and gloves?

All masking and gloves where uncured UV primer has covered should be turned inside out to reduce contamination of the wet product onto any other surfaces.