PPG paint Technical tip: Correct refinish techniques for Summer

PPG paint Technical tip

One of the most important steps within the painting process is to ensure your product is kept in optimum conditions at all times. In the late Summer heat conditions can often be forgotten and products can be affected. At PPG we understand how important maintenance of products are and we want to help ensure that your products work to the highest of standards. Our experienced technical team have provided a few top tips on how to care for your paint products in the heat.

Firstly, you always want to maintain a high quality product and when warm conditions occur it is essential to reduce your paint temperature, in order to achieve this. Secondly, you should consider the environment with which you are applying the paint and you want to ensure that this is also kept at a good temperature. All body shops should consider turning off burners in the spray booths when it is warm, as this will help reduce the heat and keep the paint in a better condition. Finally, you should always consider cleanliness. In the heat, it is important to ensure equipment, such as spray guns, are cleaned straight after use, as this will improve the paint application process.

Following these top tips will help reduce problems with products in warm weather conditions and help ensure a successful paint application process.