PPG understands the need to repair at the highest standards to achieve long-term efficiency and profitability whilst developing skills, knowledge and sharing best practice.

To support our training programs we have created a series of training videos to help you to achieve the ultimate repair. These videos have been created by our team of professional Technicians in order to provide customers with PPG's expert knowledge and insights. 

Training Videos Available

Car Repair Masking and Etch Primer

Roll Primer Application

Car Repair Colour Matching and ID

Plastic Repair

Standard Build Primer

Applying DELTON® DP6000 2K®

Engine Bay System

Spraygun Setup

The Car Repair Polishing Process

End to End Green Repair Process

Etch Primer Application

Enviro Primer Surfacer mixing and application process

ENVIROBASE® Basecoat application

Waterborne Clearcoat application