DELFLEET® 2K Wet on Wet Undercoats

Product Description

The 2K Wet on Wet undercoats have been developed as an addition to our Delfleet primer range. The 2K Wet on Wet undercoats offer excellent application and adhesion characteristics over a wide range of substrates. It is suitable for application directly to non - sanded electrocoat; achieving a final appearance comparable to that expected from a sanded flattable primer. 2K Wet on Wet undercoats have been optimised for use under Delfleet topcoat and CT waterborne basecoat.

They are offered in the Greymatic System; available in three grey shades, and providing the opportunity to mix a further range of greys to find the most suitable to optimise each topcoat colour. 

Product Code: F4911 / F4915 / F4917