Williams Racing


PPG is proud to be an Official Partner to the Williams Racing F1 Team.

In the highly competitive world of F1 image and performance go hand in hand. That's why PPG has been an Official Partner to Williams racing since 2003.

This long-term partnership is built on achieving results by providing innovative paint product and process systems designed to  ensure minimum weight, reduced cost and provide the highest definition finishes. 

The weight of the race car is essential in determining lap times, and the paint system is a vital element in the car's performance. PPG's long history of innovation has enabled us to provide the Williams Racing F1 Team solutions that ensure the team stay ahead of the race - no matter what the demands.

Our extensive product range, business programmes and training packages helps you compete with the best. If you're looking to benefit from the same high level of professionalism and paint technology - then choose the brand at the front - PPG.

For more information on the Williams F1 Team visit their website www.williamsf1.com