PPG introduces the next-generation Touchmix Pro and Touchmix Mini intelligent scales, new systems that have been designed to reinvent the way of searching and using colour information.

The new scales allow for a quick and easy connection with the RapidMatch ™ GO and X-Rite SP61 spectrophotometers.

Both the Touchmix Pro and Touchmix Mini have the PAINTMANAGER® colour software pre-installed, which offers a simple and dynamic interface, ideal for use within the Bodyshop.

The high-definition multi-touch colour screen exalts the High Tech look.


TouchMix Pro and TouchMix Mini feature enhanced functionality, reliability, speed and robustness. The models feature:

  • New colour screens with the latest-generation multi-touch technology
  • More compact and modern designs
  • Enhanced and expanded connectivity
  • Various mounting options to suit every need
  • 26 months warranty

 Both scales meet European safety standards ATEX Zone 2.

The TouchMix Pro is the top of the range with a 15-inch multi-touch screen and the latest and fast CPU available on the market. Designed to provide maximum performance within the Bodyshop, thanks to its connectivity.

The TouchMix Mini is the most compact offering with a 10-inch multitouch screen and extremely fast and advanced hardware. Designed as a practical and easy solution for bodybuilders who need a compact and proven reliability solution.